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golf clubs - irons and woods The game of golf is played with a golf ball and a set of golf clubs.  Several types of clubs are used to play a golf course, depending on distance and situational requirements.  A player may use no more than 14 different golf clubs during a golf tournament. 

Early golf clubs were made from wood, but stronger golf club materials and improved designs emerged as harder golf balls were developed.  Today's golf club heads and shafts are made from a combination of steel, graphite, titanium, and various alloys.  As golf players continually seek an extra performance edge, golf club designers continue to develop clubs that claim improved stroke accuracy and flight distance.  Competition among golf club manufacturers is intense and has resulted in discount golf clubs becoming widely available.

A set of golf clubs consists of woods and irons with varying shaft lengths and clubface angles, plus a putter.  A golf club's shaft length and clubface angle affects the distance and height of the golf ball's flight trajectory.  In order to deal with the range of situations encountered on the golf course, most players have eight to ten irons, three to five woods, and a putter.

  • Woods are designed for long-distance strokes.  The 1-wood is called a driver and is normally used for tee shots.  All other woods are used on the golf course fairway.
  • Irons are designed for approaches to the green.  Special types of irons, called wedges, are designed to hit the ball high and short, and are used for a variety of special situations near the putting green.
  • Putters are designed to roll the golf ball, and are most often used on the putting green.  The straight, full clubface of a putter helps to aim putting shots accurately.

A Golf Player uses a Putter to Putt a Golf Ball into a Hole

golf equipment - golf clubs, balls, tees features two leading golf club manufacturers, Pinemeadow Golf and GigaGolf, which sell their golf clubs online.  We also list a selection of popular pro shops and golf equipment manufacturers that sell new and used golf clubs, golf balls, components and accessories at competitive prices.

Shop For Golf Clubs

  • Pinemeadow Golf Products
    This golf equipment company has built clubs for thousands of players worldwide during the last 15 years.  They strive to stay up to date with current golf technologies, offering their golf clubs at discounted prices.
  • GigaGolf
    This company sells their custom clubs direct, which can save customers money versus buying more expensive "off the rack" clubs from retail middlemen.  Website visitors will find that GigaGolf uses high quality components.  Their standard shafts and grips compare favorably with industry standards.  Their GigaGolf eFit system, along with their exclusive Shaft Fitting Wizard, is designed to guide buyers through the online purchasing process.
  • Callaway Golf Preowned
    This firm offers certified used golf clubs.  Some golfers prefer to exchange their old golf clubs and trade up to Certified Preowned Callaway Golf Clubs rather than buy new golf clubs.
  • Golfsmith Discount Golf Clubs
    This golf retailer offers design, testing and creation of custom-fit golf club components for consumers and club makers.  Golfsmith designs and markets custom-fit golf clubs, golf club components, golf club assembly tools, and golf accessories under proprietary brands.

Golf Club Manufacturers

  • Adams Golf
    Designs, assembles, markets and distributes innovative golf clubs.  Find drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges.
  • Callaway Golf Clubs
    Maker of the original Big Bertha Driver and premium golf clubs for tournament and recreational golfers.
  • Cleveland Golf
    Specializing in the wedge, Cleveland also offers woods, irons, putters and clubs for lefties, women and juniors.
  • Cobra Golf
    Offers a broad selection of quality golf clubs.  Find King Cobra brand drivers, fairways, irons, and more.
  • Odyssey Putters
    Leading manufacturer of golf putters helps you face the putting challenge with gusto.
  • Bridgestone Golf
    Bridgestone designs golf products to help golfers play their best.
  • TaylorMade Golf
    Leading manufacturer of golf drivers has been an innovative technological pioneer since being founded in 1979.
  • Titleist Golf Clubs
    Serving the needs of serious and recreational golfers with quality golf products.
  • Wilson
    This sports equipment manufacturer offers a broad selection of drivers & utilities, irons & wedges, putters, golf balls and accessories.
  • MacGregor Golf
    Global company focused on designing and manufacturing innovative, easy-to-hit equipment that enhances golf performance for avid players of all skill levels.
  • Ping Golf
    Engineering and manufacturing firm designs golf clubs based on the philosophy that properly fit clubs will lead to better play.

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